Chicken Feet
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Feeling adventurous and want to try something that is not on your everyday menu? Chicken feet could be the next treat you are looking for! They can be served as a side snack with alcohol, cold dish, in a soup or main dish. Chicken feet are very gelatinous and consists of skin and tendons with very little muscle – this gives the feet a very distinct texture.

Chicken feet is also a proven alternate source of collagen – which is usually sourced from cows, pigs and marine fish. So not only are chicken feet tasty, they would promote healthier and younger looking skin, and assist your body in metabolising fats; therefore good for weight loss!

They are expertly prepared (They are feet, after all) and EXCLUSIVELY from Welcome Fresh Food for a great price starting from $6.00. Most collagen supplements are expensive, so why should you pay so much more when you can have this tasty treat instead? Don’t hold yourself back, try it out today!


Product provided by Welcome Fresh Food for review.

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