Green Tea Cake Roll
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Ever had short (or no) notice that you are going to a dinner party and you have nothing to bring? My mum always said to never show up as a guest to a house empty handed. Say hello to a winner, also known as a Green Tea Sponge with cream filling cake. Not only is it a crowd pleaser (who doesn’t like green tea?), it is a light sponge cake (not that heavy dense stuff) that is not too sweet and perfectly balanced with cream.

You will be a winner at the party when you whip this cake out at the end for dessert and it’s highly likely there will be none left because it was so good. Complement it with a hot tea or coffee and you will be guaranteed to be asked back to the next party.

Only $10.50 and can serve up to 6+ people (depending on whether you are a generous slicer or not). Get it exclusively from Welcome Fresh Food.


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