Spicy Cold Noodle 涼麵(辣)
4.5Overall Score
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On a scorching Queensland day, sometimes you just don’t feel like eating something hot or warm and if you don’t do desserts as your main meal for lunch, give these spicy cold noodles a crack.

Packaged with a special sauce (sweet and savoury like the dipping sauce you get with your rice paper rolls only a dash spicier) and a sachet of crunchy nuts, simple put contents into a bowl, release the special sauce and sprinkle the nuts, stir and enjoy. No muss no fuss.

The noodles are fresh and they are mingled among an array of vegetables (so you know it’s good for you :)) like carrots, cucumbers and radish with some slices of ham too boot.

Perfect as a light meal on its own or a precursor to share. There are peanuts (in zee sauce and the actual sprinkle nuts) in this dish, so you’ve been warned, if you have allergies these are not the noodles for you!

Grab them for around $5.00 exclusive to Welcome Fresh Food!

Made locally in Brisbane.


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