Tapioca Pearls
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Tapioca Pearls… aka Bubble Tea aka Heaven in a cup aka QQ Delight…Ever notice a hip bunch of youngsters carrying round a drink that has black floaty bits in it? You have no idea what you are missing out on, these little chewy sweet toppings will add a new dimension to any drink you desire…hot or cold!

You’ll notice many places in Sunnybank offering these drinks in literally hundreds of flavours.

ranging from oolong tea, mango sorbet to something more exotic flavours like lychee green tea! So why not give these a go next time you’re in Sunnybank? They usually cost around $5 and depending on how many toppings ie tapioca pearls, herbal jelly, coconut jelly you choose they are about $0.50 per topping.

Or alternatively, why not get a pack of these directly from Taiwan the home of bubble tea and add them to whatever you want in the comfort of your own home? Simply follow the instructions or watch this video about how to cook them and away you go!

Available for around $4.00, vacuum packed for freshness, exclusive to Welcome Fresh Food.

Made in Taiwan

979(kJ) per serving

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