Small Brown Sugar Buns 黑糖小饅頭
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These little steamed buns of heaven will compliment any tea or coffee you desire.

Buy them cold (stored this way to seal in that carby goodness), heat these babies up in your microwave (just a few seconds… don’t burn them or dry them out) and they will be one of the fluffiest delicious brown sugar buns you’ve ever had. Hot tip: put a bit of hot water in a little sauce dish while you nuke these and they won’t dry out.

Personally I like to dip them into my coffee, but you better be quick as they are so fluffy they will soak up the caffeinated goodness quick smart… What else can I say?

Made locally in Brisbane.

Give them a go, they come in a dozen pack for around $8.00 exclusive to Welcome Fresh Food.

A dozen aka 12
247(kJ) per serving

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