Wei-I Pork Floss with Laver and Sesame 豬肉鬆
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Pork floss also known as Rousong is a dried meat product with a light and fluffy texture similar to that of unrefined cotton. Originating from China it is a popular food topping in Asian countries, it can be used in congee, with tofu as a filling in buns and even in drinks. Wei-I Pork Floss with Laver and Sesame provides a delicious salty flavour to rice, noodles and soups… give it a try today!

Pick up a can from your local Asian grocers like Welcome Fresh Food for around $12 and give it a go!

Made in Taiwan, manufactured on machines that process sesame, nut and wheat so may not be suitable to those with allergies.

1964.6(kj) per serving

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