Mixed Dessert Congee 泰山 ハ寶粥
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Sometimes you just feel like a sweet and refreshing dessert, well this is the perfect item for you if you aren’t looking for something that is sickly sweet. The Mixed Dessert Congee 泰山 ハ寶粥 is a balanced mix of healthy glutinous rice, oats, mung beans, pinto beans, barley, red beans, peanuts longans soaked in a syrupy pool of yumminess! Ideal for car and camping trips where you just need a sweet pick me up – they even have a little spoon sitting inside the lid for your convenience.

Pick up a can of these (serves 1) from your local Asian grocers like Welcome Fresh Food for just under $1.50 and give them a go!

Made in Taiwan, manufactured on machinery that processes sesame, peanuts, chia seeds and milk so may not be suitable for those with allergies.

1175.7KJ per serving

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